Volunteer Orientation
We are so excited you are here! The CCS Volunteer Orientation will cover an introduction to CCS as a whole, as well as our refugee and immigrant-serving programs. All volunteers must complete this orientation prior to completing paperwork and beginning their volunteer service with CCS.

If you have any questions during this process, please don't hesitate to contact Ermina Mustafic at EMustafic@ccsutah.org.
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  1. Watch all 3 videos
    • The quiz questions will be based on material covered in all three videos. It is REQUIRED that you watch all three videos. The material covered will help you be a better volunteer to our clients
  2. Answer quiz questions
  3. Submit orientation


Keep an eye out for the quiz questions which will follow!

1. What year did Catholic Community Services begin the Refugee Resettlement program?

2. How many Catholic Community Services locations are there in Utah?

3. In Robert Hakiza's Ted Talk he speaks about an organization he helped set up. What is the name of the organization?

4. Refugees need to find a home while they wait to be resettled. Home is either an NGO-Sponsored Camp, Pop-Up Camp, or an Urban Setting. Of these three options which account for the largest percent of the refugee population?

5. True or False: Refugees must repay the cost of travel within 3 years after arrival in the United States.

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