Burundi Cultural Backgrounder
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Cultural Backgrounder: Burundi

Here are a few resources for you to review to elevate your knowledge about the country of Burundi and what has led to its refugee crisis. If you work directly with people from Burundi, this may help you put some things into context.


Note: Catholic Community Services of Utah (CCS) Migration and Refugee Services department serves refugees and displaced peoples from all sides of national and cultural conflicts. Therefore, the perspectives in these resources do not directly reflect the perspectives of all of CCS’s clients. It is recommended that you not assume an individual’s personal beliefs about a conflict.





BBC Burundi Country Profile

A general overview of important facts about Burundi including a description of leaders, recent appearances in the media, and a timeline of key dates in the nation’s history.


History of Burundi

Video providing some general historical facts about the country of Burundi.


Welcome to Burundi

General overview of the languages and cultures, education system, and climate and geography of Burundi.




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Is your client from Burundi? Use the following resources to better understand the context of where your client is coming from!